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Service Level Agreement

We have 7 years of experience of in-house school catering and are now sharing this with other school groups who wish to do the same. Give us a call for an informal discussion, and if you decide that you would like to go ahead, we can help with everything.




We will assist you with:

  • Financial analysis, control and recommendations
  • Budgeting (if needed)
  • Recruitment of Catering Manager and key team members (Inc Job Descriptions)
  • Marketing your new venture
  • Complete Health and Safety check
  • Recommendations on design and equipment
  • Review of healthy eating
  • Customer surveys
  • New menus and School Food Standards
  • Introduce set-up paperwork (Audits, recipes, allergen documents, tender documents, supplier details, food safety etc)
  • Training documentation
  • Contract template for the schools in your group (Catering Manager salary/Resources)
  • Advice on TUPE staff
  • We will supply a complete package that assists you in operating your own catering service, with ongoing email and telephone support.

Initial Visit

By the end of this meeting colleagues will leave with a confident understanding of the processes involved in taking catering in-house.


Kitchen Audits

A comprehensive audit and review service evaluating every area of your catering provision and making recommendations for improvement.



  • Complete a full kitchen audit within 10 weeks of initial meetings at all schools involved
  • Provide a comprehensive and complete report on current kitchen needs
  • Advise on future kitchen needs, including timelines


Dining review

If needed we can review your current dining experience, recommending any small changes that may enhance lunchtimes.

Catering Manager Recruitment

EWiS assist in the recruitment of your key personnel. Our help can include placing adverts, conducting first interviews, shortlisting, organizing trade tests, preparing job descriptions and specifications plus interview assessment forms. If needed, we will then be available to shortlist appropriate candidates for final interviews and assist you on the day of interview.

Additional Enhancement

Eat Well in Schools have developed many ‘hands on’ curriculum based workshops for schools to use within their teaching and learning.


These include:

Touch, Taste and Smell – Years R & 1 – Practical workshop with fruit and veg.

Great Fire of London – Year 2 – Bread making workshop

Kitchen Skills Olympics – Year 5 & 6 – Hands on team challenge

WW2 Rationing – Years 5 & 6 – Looking at the history of rationing during WW2

Milkshake workshop – Years 4 to 6 – Team challenge making 4 different milkshakes


A full list of workshops will be available if schools decide to purchase this additional enhancement.



For an informal discussion/meeting  - Totally free

The Full Package - £5000 per school as a one off payment once your transition is completed. 

Additional curriculum workshop package - £900